WHY do Woman like a hairy Man ??

Some women are old fashioned...and like men with hairy chests gross. Or, I prefer a hairy chest like my husband has cause its manly !!

But not a hairy back !!!

I quess it's just to each his own.I know I just don't like the feeling if having hairy underarms.

And man:

Is a positive IgM antibody harmful for the fetus?

Question:I am pregnant and I got my toxoplasmosis IgM and IgG titres tested in the 9th week of gestation. The results were negative for IgG but positive for IgM (48.7). This test was done using Elisa. What should I do now? Do I have to terminate my pregnancy? If not, then is there any suspection for passing of the disease to the fetus? Will there be any abnormalities in the fetus? Will this parasite affect my health? Do I need some medication for it? Can I get rid of this parasite forever? I don't know, when I got infected with this. Do I need other confirming tests?

Answer:The IgM antibody indicates recent infection and IgG antibody past infection. Your IgM antibody titre is slightly higher than normal (positive). I advise you to get the test repeated immediately. Irrespective of whether it is positive (low positive) or high positive or negative, I would advice you to repeat it 3rd time from same laboratory (where 2nd testing was done) after 2 weeks. At that time the lab should test the sample drawn on the 2nd occasion along with the sample drawn the 3rd time as well (to rule out any inter test error). Further management will depend upon these results. If the 2nd and 3rd samples were negative, You need not worry and have your ultrasound done regularly by an experienced sonologist. If the tests are positive (even if low positive), I would advise you to have the pregnancy terminated. Chances of the baby getting infected are 15%, 30% and 60% (approximately) if acute infection in mother occurs in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester respectively. One trimester is of 3 months.

My mother has diabetes, how can her kidney problem be controlled?

Question:My mother has some kidney problem from the past 3-4 months. She is under the treatment of a nephrologist currently. Her creatinine level is 5.3, her sugar PP is 173 (which is controlled by taking insulin as per doctor's prescription). Will my mother recover from the disease by medication completely? How will it affect her future health? What precautions do we need to take to avoid any complications in future? Does she require dialysis in future? My mother is taking wysolone 7.5 mg; endoxan 50 mg; lasix 1/2 40 mg; fefol; becosules; pentadox 40 mg; nicardia 10 mg; shelcal; fortum ? 1gm (for 10 days - given 1 week back only); Eprex 400 - for haemoglobin (4 injections -1 week back only). My mother is feeling a lot better nowadays. She does not have any symptoms. Her personal details are as follows: weight - 67 kg, height - 145 cm. She had high blood pressure for which she was taking atenelol - 50 tablets.

Answer:Based on the limited information provided it appears that your mother's kidneys are performing perhaps less than 18% (depending on her age as well). Even though you have not provided how long has she suffered from diabetes mellitus (DM), I am assuming that she has diabetes for a long duration. Based on this assumption I believe that her kidneys are failing (irreversibly) secondary to diabetes. If diabetes is of recent onset, other causes will need to be investigated. Unfortunately, she will soon get to the point where she may require dialysis. It is recommended that for a diabetic when kidneys work less than 15% dialysis should be initiated. Diabetes is the number one cause of kidney failure in USA and Europe. In India, it is fast becoming amongst the top causes of kidney disease. First, the doctor needs to find out if your diabetes has caused the injury. Other diseases can also cause kidney damage. To prevent further kidney damage and make kidneys will work better and last longer.

What are the reasons for the plateau effect in weight loss?

Question:What are the various reasons for the plateau effect in weight loss?
Answer:The reasons for reaching a plateau are the same as for losing weight (or failing to do so) in the first place: beginning to eat more calories or burning fewer calories by physical. Some peoples' bodies seem to hang onto calories, and so gain weight, more than others and this could change with time but I doubt that this is the major reason for whatever plateau in weight loss you might have experienced.

Is passive smoking harmful during pregnancy?

Question:I am working in Kuwait and in my office my bosses and other staff are smoking a lot and the smell of the smoke makes me upset. They smoke continuously. Will this affect my pregnancy? I am planning to have a baby but I want to know whether this will affect my health. I do not smoke but the smoke that I am inhaling in the office upsets me. Should I leave the job due to this?
Answer:Smoking, both active as well as passive (as in your case), is bad for the health of everybody. For a pregnant lady it can lead to some problems like small, under weight baby, a slight increase in the chances of a miscarriage, etc.
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It is best to avoid it as far as possible. However in our society it is not always possible to achieve this in totality. After all, it is not possible to change the environment in a short period of time.I would advise you not to leave the job if you need to work. Try and gently counsel your bosses. Keep your table at a location where the smoke has the least chance of coming in high concentration. During pregnancy, eat well and look after your nutrition very well and stay under the care of an obstetrician.

Can change of weather cause lung disease?

Question:Can change of weather cause COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary or Lung Disease)? My mother, aged 63 years, is a Rheumatic Heart patient with COPD. She has a tendency to clear her throat continuously, sometimes it is very severe. She is taking nebulizer at home. But it is not having any impact. At present she is taking: Lasix, Repace, Cardarone and Nitrofix. What should I do for her cough?
Answer:Change of weather does not cause COPD though environmental pollution can do so. Your mother probably has a sinusitis with a post nasal discharge and should be treated with decongestants as well as steroid nasal spray. This is assuming that her chest X-ray does not show any significant lung shadows and she does not have asthma.